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Homebuyer Program

The City of Florence will provide down payment and closing cost assistance for qualified homebuyers to purchase homes to be built at Vista Place, Historic Pine, Old Carver Station and Sumter Station.

Down payment assistance programs are available through several local vendors and banks that have partnered with the City. For more information, contact Retha Brown, rbrown@cityofflorence.com.

Credit Catchers Program

The City of Florence conducts a monthly education class, Credit Catchers, which helps potential homeowners with credit building and credit repair, and provides information on various topics important to homeownership. Please contact Retha Brown, rbrown@cityofflorence.com for more information and class dates.

Builder Program

The Single Family Builder Incentive Program will provide funding assistance to non-profit and for-profit builders and developers to finance construction loans, renovation loans, and marketing expenses of single family residential units to be sold to homebuyers.

These funds may be leveraged with additional funds secured by the builder or developer from both public and private sources. City funding assistance cannot be the sole source of project financing and cannot exceed 20% of the total approved construction development cost unless approved by the City of Florence. Eligible uses of the funds include costs associated with construction and site preparation for the development.


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